1995 (M) Ferrari 355 Berlinetta



40,000 km’s


Blu Tour De France




For just the second time in almost two decades this stunning 355 Berlinetta is available for sale. 

Previously sold by us in 2020, at which time it was considered one of the very best early 355's available. Immediately upon sale to its current owner we were commissioned to repaint the vehicle from Rosso Corsa to Ferrari's famous Blu Tour De France so as to sit nicely in the collection of other blue sports cars. A fully documented & photographed bare metal repaint took place including replacement trim & ancillary items necessary for a perfect finish. 

A very genuine 4 owner early 2.7 Motronic 355 Berlinetta with the all important gated manual gearbox. Known by enthusiasts as the 'Non airbag, Twin Airbox' model, often considered the Unicorn of 355's. We have known this car for many years now, having spent the majority of its early life in West London with its Lady owner. Later a pair of good friends enjoyed joint ownership, using the car sparingly before later being inherited by the family of one of the partners. 

Ordered by a wealthy Hong Kong businessman for his London based Daughter, the car was delivered new to H R Owen Ferrari in London with a KM Speedo, and now showing a genuine, low reading of 39,750 backed up by a rarely seen & comprehensive full main dealer history. H R Owen, Joe Macari & Dick Lovett have ensured this 355 has been maintained like no other with all important belt services being carried out periodically. It is noted that during a brief period in the care of Joe Macari, the car was sent back to a Italy for a full interior retrim & other works  by none other than Ferrari & their suppliers themselves. 

Truly a unique example in quite literally perfect condition throughout. 



Service history details,


23/07/1996 - H R Owen London - Annual service, 3,009 km's

14/10/1997 - Maranello Egham - Annual Service, 4,374 km's

10/06/1999 - Maranello Egham - Annual Service + Belts, 6,309 km's

27/02/2002 - Maranello Egham - Annual Service, 11,582 km's

01/03/2003 - Maranello Egham - 20k km Service, 13,284 km's

02/09/2004 - Maranello Egham - Annual Service, 14,441 km's

28/12/2005 - Maranello Egham - Annual Service + Belts, 15,467 km's

09/06/2008 - Joe Macari London - 40k km Service, 26,721 km's

23/04/2010 - Joe Macari London - Annual Service + Belts, 32,738 km's

21/04/2011 - Joe Macari London - Annual Service, 34,452 km's

29/05/2012 - Joe Macari London - Annual Service, 35,345 km's

24/05/2013 - Joe Macari London - Annual Service + Belts, 35,413 km's

10/03/2015 - Joe Macari London - 60k km Service, 36,616 km's

22/03/2016 - Joe Macari London - Annual Service, 37,170 km's

10/03/2017 - Joe Macari London - Annual Service, 37,627 km's

03/04/2018 - Dick Lovett Swindon - Annual Service + Belts, 38,513 km's

13/11/2020 - Dick Lovett Swindon - Annual Service, 39,804 km's

30/07/2021 - Dick Lovett Swindon - Annual Service + Belts, 39,815 km's